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DanMilk® Ideal - сухе молоко

DanMilk® Ideal - Milk Powder


Price exl. VAT: 57.27 UAH

Code: MLK 03-1/20
Supplier: AgroKorn A/S (Denmark)
Packing: 20 kg bags
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DanMilk® Ideal consists solely of milk proteins. DanMilk® Ideal has a high content of fat and protein and a guaranteed minimum content of lactose of 40 %. DanMilk® Ideal is a very suitable feed for piglets and calves. The product is soluble in 45-50°C water.


DanMilk® Whey - суха сироватка

DanMilk® Whey - Whey Powder


Price exl. VAT: 35.42 UAH

Code: MLK 03-11/1000
Supplier: AgroKorn A/S (Denmark)
Packing: 1000 kg big bags
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DanMilk® Whey is an energy rich and very digestible whey powder with a low content of ash. Sweet whey powder is especially suitable for piglets at early weaning due to its high content of lactose.