Akti-W Priotein 5.3 - Highly Digestible Soy Protein For Young Animals

Cоєвий протеїн Аkti-W Protein 5.3
PRO 14-120/1000
Woodhoff Ltd. (Ukraine)
25 kg bags and big-bags
Akti-w protein 5.3 (eng)-min
Akti-w protein 5.3 (ukr)-min
Akti-w protein 5.3 (rus)-min


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Akti-W Protein is a highly digestible protein source produced of soy beans which are heat processed at the different stages and enriched with enzymes for better digestibility. The product is well fit for baby and young animals who have high demands to the digestibility of protein, fibre, sugar and starch. Besides, antinutritional level in the product is well balanced. Akti-W Protein is specially developed for the farmers who focuses a lot on animals growth and health.

Akti-W Protein can be used for such animals as pigs, poultry, minks, cats, dogs and fish.

Colour and odour: light yellow colour with typical soy smell.
Packaging: 25 kg bags, 1000 or 1200 kg big bags.
Storage: to store in a dry and cool place within 20 months in original packaging.
Application: it is added to the feed in the following dosage:
- pigs: up to 20% of the feed;
- broilers: up to 20% of the feed;
- minks: up to 10% of the feed.

Typical analysis:

Сrude Protein   53%
Protein digestibility   93%*
Dry matter   95%
Сrude fat   max. 2,5%
Сrude ash   5,8%
Сrude fibre   4,4%
Sugar   9,4%
Starch   4,9%
Feed unit, FEsv/kg   104-106
МE (pigs)   15,1 МJ/kg
МE (poultry)   11,00 МJ/kg
Lysin 6,1% 32,33 g/kg
Mеthionine 1,39% 7,367 g/kg
Тhreonine 4% 21,2 g/kg
Cystine 1,4% 7,42 g/kg
Тryptophan 1,34% 7,102 g/kg
Valinе 4,72% 25,016 g/kg
Trypsin Inhibitor   <1,9 mg/g
* The results of laboratory analysis showed 95% of protein digestibility. The analysis was performed in AGROLAB (Germany).     
** % of crude protein content.
<1 mm 86%
1-2 mm 13%
>2 mm 1%

- replace expensive fish meal, potato protein and other protein sources
- ensure stable growth
- high feed intake
- additional energy source
- low level of trypsin inhibitors
- budget price