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Затискач для катетера

Tail for catheter


Price exl. VAT: 2.95 UAH

Code: AI 01-49
Supplier: Unitron A/S (Denmark)
Packing: 500 pcs./pack

Separate tail for catheter.
- Green colour.

Бутилка для сперми, 100 мл

Semen bottle, 100 ml


Price exl. VAT: 2.40 UAH

Code: AI 02-50/100

Packing: 500 pcs./pack

It is used for artificial insemination of sows.
- Transparent bottle with colorful cap.

Тюбик для сперми, 7 гр.

Semen tube, 7gr.


Price exl. VAT: 3.28 UAH

Code: AI 01-90/7
Supplier: Unitron A/S (Denmark)
Packing: 2000 pcs./box

Boar semen tube.
- Transparent, made of soft material.

Пакети для розфасовки сперми (окремі)

Semen bags (single)


Price exl. VAT: 2.78 UAH

Code: AI 02-70

Packing: 1000 pcs./box

Bags are used for packing of boar semen.
- Single, with holes to die cut.
- Volume: 100 ml.

Пакети для розфасовки сперми (з розривачем)

Semen bags (dotted version)


Price exl. VAT: 2.96 UAH

Code: AI 02-71

Packing: 250 pcs./roll

It is used for packing of boar semen.
- With holes to die cut.
- Packed in a roll.
- Volume: 100 ml.

Пакети Flatpack для розфасовки сперми



Price exl. VAT: 1 485.45 UAH

Code: AI 01-72
Supplier: Unitron A/S (Denmark)
Packing: 250 pcs./roll, 1500 pcs./ box

Flatpack for dispensing boar semen into doses.
- It fits direct into catheter. Semen bag fits into IMW filling and closing machine.
- Packed in a roll.

Пакети Mini Flatpack для розфасовки сперми, 90 мл

Mini FlatPack, 90 ml


Price exl. VAT: 8 623.64 UAH

By order
Code: AI 01-73/90
Supplier: Unitron A/S (Denmark)
Packing: 500 pcs./roll, 3 rolls (1500 pcs.)/pack

Flatpack for dispensing boar semen into doses. 
- It fits direct into catheter. 
- Packed in a roll.
- Volume: 90 ml.

Рукавиці вінілові одноразові, розмір М

Disposable vinyl gloves, size M


Price exl. VAT: 155.72 UAH

Code: AI 01-100
Supplier: Unitron A/S (Denmark)
Packing: 100 pcs./pack

Disposable vinyl gloves for boar semen collection and examination.
- Size M.

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