Автоматична годівниця для свиней, 100 л

Automatic feeder for pigs, 100 l


Price exl. VAT: 5 256.10 UAH

Code: FDR 02-67/100

Automatic dry wet pig feeder.
- Supply dry feed and drinking water. It is equipped with drinking nipples.
- Suitable for feeding pigs weighing 5 - 115 kg.
- Can be installed in the center of the pen and between the walls of the pen.
- Сan serve up to 50 heads at the same time.
- Easy to handle.


Годівниця пластикова для поросят

Plastic piglet feeder


Price exl. VAT: 274.26 UAH

Code: FDR 02-69

Can be used for feed and drink.
- Material: plastic
- Easy to clean.
- Size: Ø 32 cm.

Автоматична годівниця для поросят, 65 л (сипучий та гранульований корм)

Automatic feeder for piglets, 65 l (pellet feed)


Price exl. VAT: 3 656.31 UAH

Code: FDR 02-71/65

Automatic wet and dry feeder for meal and granular feed.
- 3 in 1: supply of dry feed, soaked feed, drinking water.
- Equipped with 2 nipple drinkers to soak feed and supply drinking water.
- Suitable for feeding weaners from 5 to 35 kg.
- Сan serve up to 30-40 heads at the same time.
- Can be installed in the center of the pen and between the walls of the pen.
- Easy to use.

Автоматична годівниця для щойно відлучених поросят Sprintomat

Sprintomat wet feeder for newly weaned piglets


Price exl. VAT: 24 341.53 UAH

Code: FDR 15-2


Sprintomat is the new generation of wet feeder where feed is dispensed together with water at a variable ratio. New sensor technology ensures optimum feeding quantities by maintaining freshness and minimising feed wastage. Newly weaned pigs achieve the best feed intake and growth performance when fed wet feed on a little and often basis, as when suckling with their mother. This early growth advantage continues throughout the growing phase.


Годівниця для поросят UniFeeder

UniFeeder for babypigs


Price exl. VAT: 4 699.52 UAH

Code: FDR 01-68
Supplier: Unitron A/S (Denmark)
Download:Unifeeder (ukr.)Unifeeder (eng.)

An automated feed dispenser designed to accurately dispense expensive piglet starter feeds in  farrowing houses. The feeder will automatically increase the amount of feed given to piglets as they grow. It is designed to match a sows routine of feeding piglets dispensing small quantities up to 10 times a day.
- Feeding with both meal and pellets
- 2 kg feeding box.

Тримач для годівниці Unifeeder

Holder for Unifeeder


Price exl. VAT: 225.67 UAH

Code: FDR 01-69
Supplier: Unitron A/S (Denmark)

Special fixing holder for Unifeeder.

Змішувальний диск для годівниці Unifeeder

Mixing disc for Unifeeder


Price exl. VAT: 107.79 UAH

Code: FDR 01-70
Supplier: Unitron A/S (Denmark)

It is used as a spare part for Unifeeder.

Годівниця нержавіюча для поросят

Stainless steel piglet feeder


Price exl. VAT: 326.71 UAH

Code: FDR 02-60/2

Can be used for feed and drink.
- Made of stainless steel.
- Easy to clean.
- Size: Ø 30 cm x 4 cm (D).

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