Sprintomat wet feeder for newly weaned piglets

Автоматична годівниця для щойно відлучених поросят Sprintomat
FDR 15-2


Price exl. VAT: 21 341.53 UAH

Sprintomat is the new generation of wet feeder where feed is dispensed together with water at a variable ratio. New sensor technology ensures optimum feeding quantities by maintaining freshness and minimising feed wastage. Newly weaned pigs achieve the best feed intake and growth performance when fed wet feed on a little and often basis, as when suckling with their mother. This early growth advantage continues throughout the growing phase.


  • Increased water intake during the critical phase immediately post weaning
  • High Feed Intake with best FCR
  • Freshly mixed wet feed for minimum feed wastage
  • Suitable for all feeds
  • For up to 45 pigs from wean to 35 kg
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Timed feed cycle responsive to pigs feeding behaviour
  • Motor driven, variable feed delivery
  • Feed level in trough controlled by contactless sensor
  • Variable Feeding Intervals
  • Positional control panel for easy viewing
  • Swivel Hopper with safety lock for thorough cleaning
  • Removable control head for washing
  • Removable trough for cleaning
  • Removable feed delivery auger for cleaning
  • Universal low voltage plug in power supply unit