Eurolac Red

Eurolac Red (Євролак Ред)
MLK 05-53/25
Schils BV (The Netherlands)
25 kg bags


On request. To find out the price, please, call mob.: +38 050 332 82 28.

Eurolac Red contains over 75% milk products, which thus provide the great majority of the protein. In the development of Eurolac Red, we have even benefited from research carried out in the baby food industry, where they use the highest grade oils and fats, combined with very carefully selected milk products. Eurolac Red contains 60% skim milk powder, developed by the latest technology, based on Schils’ know-how about milk proteins.

Colour and odour:

Light colour with pleasant odour, free-flowing

Storage: Dry and cool, stable up to 12 months
Packing: Bags for 25 kg
Application:                     Add 125-150 gr of milk replacer to 875 ml water to make 1 liter of milk replacer (milk replacer ratio to water = 1 to 7 => approx. 140 gr of milk replacer to 1 liter water).
Standard chemical analysis :
Moisture 5.00   %
Protein 23.00 %
Fat  19.00 %
Minerals  7.00   %
Crude Fibre  0.05   %
Ca   0.80   %
P  0.70   %
Added Vitamins per kg :
Vitamine A                      25.000 i.u.
Vitamine B1 7.0       mg
Vitamine B6 7.0       mg
Vitamine C 100.0   mg
Vitamine K3 3.0       mg
Vitamine D3 5000    i.u
Vitamine B2 7.0       mg
Vitamine B12 0,05     mg
Vitamine E 100,0   mg